Milestone Chart Example - Baseline Milestone Chart

Milestone Chart Example - Aeropace Project Completion Status Report

Milestone Chart Example - Aeropace Project Completion Status Report

This project milestone report is an example of what an aerospace company might use to present project completion status.  Project task milestones are shown along with task status and task percent complete.

Baseline and current status are shown.

Baseline scheduling refers to an original project schedule.  When first planning the project, the project manager will come up with an original schedule.  In many cases, the project manager will then "fix" or "baseline" the schedule using this original schedule.  Project planning software programs often allow the baseline to be "locked" so that changes made to the schedule do not affect the baseline.  In this way, the project manager can always show differences in the schedule.

For example, the baseline start date might be earlier than the current planned start date. 

If significant changes have been made to the project plan or if a project customer changes the requirements of the project in a major way, the project planner might use his project management scheduling software to create a new baseline.