When creating milestone schedules there are important basics to a clear concise report

The need for clear, concise project reports

Project managers deal in details, but management wants a snapshot.

How can you translate your project details into a brief summary which clearly conveys the status of the project?

Milestone charts make it possible to show even the most involved project in a summary form.  While typical Gantt charts often require many pages, a milestone chart can be used to show key components of your project on a single page.

Advantages of a milestone chart for project presentation:

  • Show key events in your project on a single page.

  • Several tasks can be represented on a single row of a milestone chart.

  • Important steps in the project can be highlighted.

This milestone chart shows due dates of  tasks using very distinct yellow circle milestones.


Project Roadmap 

This Project Roadmap milestone schedule might be used by an aerospace contractor as an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) for presentation to a government customer.


This upper level "birds on a wire" milestone schedule shows the use of multiple milestones in various colors, with attached text, to depict import events in a specific project.

Birds on a Wire Project Plan 

These symbols are accepted standard symbology for NASA and many aerospace and defense contractors.
Accepted Standard Symbology for Aerospace and other industries
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